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Troubleshooting beater alignment

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Troubleshooting beater alignment

Hi, I just purchased a Hobart-era KitchenAid Mixer on eBay. The model is K5SS. The seller said that the beater hit the bottom of the bowl when mixing on all speeds, but when I received the mixer the beater actually hits the middle of left side of the bowl, not the bottom (I spread butter on the bowl to see where the beater was making contact). The beater height is fine (it just barely skims the top of dime left at the bottom of the bowl), and I have been able to adjust it successfully using a mallet on the yoke arms as per the instruction manual (the older models don't have an adjustment screw). But I have been unable to get the beater to clear the side of the bowl. The whisk attachment does not hit the sides at all. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this problem? The picture above shows the marks left in the butter by the misaligned beater.


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It is possible that the screws holding the motor in place have rattled loose.  You can find same said screws by removing the rounded back piece and looking inside.  I have seen these screws loose and it can apparently allow a slight misalignment resulting in the condition that you describe.  The other possibility that I am aware of is that the bowl itself could be out of round.


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Thanks, Jeff. I just tightened those screws but the beater is still misaligned. When I was working on this I also noticed that the stir speed isn't moving properly--it just hums and you can see the motor struggling to turn. The other speeds work just fine.

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Mark Sealey


Could it perhaps be that the main shank/spindle from the motor to each of the (3?) attachments is bent just enough - or perhaps the bearings inside the housing are worn unevenly - for the man beater (which is surely wider than the whisk, isn't it?) to show eccentricity; but the narrower attachments not to do so?

One odd-sounding thin you could perhaps try is to tape a pencil to the main shaft at the top and have it draw a circle (or not :-( ) on a piece of paper firmly taped to the bottom of the bowl - or a cardboard platform in it.

Ideally it should describe a perfect circle whose (imaginary) centre is directly underneath the main shaft. In theory, if it does, it could be the beater's upper arm that's bent, couldn't it?

Good luck!

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the support arms might not be level or one of the support arms might be bent.

Check the stainless steel support tabs on the mixing bowl and make sure they are not bent.

If not watched while kneading, these mixers can walk off a counter, resulting in bent parts.

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I've had the experience of purchasing the wrong paddle attachment for my Kitchenaid (KS45SS).  It appeared to be the exact replacement as it hung on the rack. But it wasn't.  It works, but it does scrape the bottom a bit.  It may be a simple solution to consider, since the engineering suggestions haven't worked for you.

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Thanks everyone! I am going to try out a new paddle attachment and go from there!

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Hi I wonder if you can assist I noted that you mention height adjustment on the older K5SS as hitting the yolk arm with a mallet. I also noted that this was the advise in the service manual but nothing actually states what the yolk is, is it the protrusions on the bowl or is it the bowel support arms. It just says yolk arm in the manual and thats the first time it mentions a yolk arm. Any assistance in identifying what they actually are refering to would be appreciated.



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Great question! I actually wondered the same thing when I first read the manual. The yoke arm is just the semi-circular part that holds the bowl of the mixer. To adjust, I take the bowl off and lock the yoke arm in place. Then just gently tap each side (just behind the pins where the bowl sits) to adjust up or down.



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Brilliant thanks, I didn't wont to go hitting the wrong

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I have the same Hobart mixer and the beater hits the side of the bowl on mine too; the beater itself is even worn on one side.  I replaced the planetary shaft and the planetary and it helped a lot but did not eliminate the problem, I am thinking of replacing the beater, planetary gear and the case gear but hate to keep throwing parts at it.  My bowl appears to be round and level and the spring latch and yoke pins are solid and even.  I am at a loss now.  By the way, I tried adjusting the height of the beater but the yoke arm does not even remotely budge when I tap the arms and I gave them a good whack, what am I doing wrong there?