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Recipe Needed - Kumquat Walnut Wheat

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Recipe Needed - Kumquat Walnut Wheat

I have a dwarf Nagami Kumquat that produces a couple dozen kumquats at a time. So not enough to jar as marmalade, but enough to add to say a few recipes. Lately I've been on a kick using our Quisinart bread machine. It sat for about 2 years and now and I'm wondering why since it's so easy to use.

I'd like to use the kumquats, along with walnuts and to make a 2 lb loaf. I'd prefer the base flour to be wheat to keep it a bit healthier, but a little white bread flour is okay. I'd like to use this bread towards french toast.

Could someone point me to a recipe that I can start with? Or some tips.

Thanks for any help.