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New guy

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Billy Kid

New guy

I'm glad to be on board with this site. First thing I noticed is that there are a large number of terms with which I am not familiar. I guess I'll pick it up as I go.

Billy in Texas

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Billy Kid

I'm very interested in this hobby, but have no experience. I ought to pick up stuff from all of you!

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Julie McLeod

Welcome, Billy.  

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Under the handbook tab above there is appendix A which will give you many, probabbly noit all, of the meanings to the terms you are looking for in a glossary.

We all started with exactly no experience too - it is what we all have in common:-)

Happy Baking

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you can always use the Search tool at the top right corner of the page.  Lots and lots of information is available that way.

Cute kid!

And welcome!