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Kia Ora, Bonjour, Hi ya!

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Kia Ora, Bonjour, Hi ya!

Hi all,

I am a east coast Canadian living in New Zealand! I am a journalist-photographer by trade!

I am gluten free and with more time on my hands these days, wanting to get back to baking my own bread again rather than paying an arm and a leg for mass produced stuff.

Gone are the days of creating artisan gluten filled breads that I use to do in university during exams (great stress relief) for my friends in dorms. The more stress the more I baked and gave stuff away - rarely ate it.

In 1992, my doc and I discovered while living in Newcastle Village that I was gluten intolerant during times of high stress.

I learned how to make loaves of bread that were not bricks - although it took time. While I have those recipes to fall back on, I am thinking I want to add to my files of interesting and tasty breads of all kinds!!

That is why I joined your international family and I have an immense feeling, I won't be disappointed!


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I do not post much, but read a lot. I have learned a lot here. The regulars all seem to be pros. If you just want recipes you can either go to the search block for them or if you are open to anything go to the blogs of individuals. There may even be a better way, but that is what I found worked for me.

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Thanks Dosal. This site came recommended by a friend. And I have looked at it previously, but I was eating homebaked wheat filled breads at the time and had fun with a few things.

This time, its gf. I am looking forward to an adventure!