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Caputo Rinforzato "00 hydration help

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Caputo Rinforzato "00 hydration help

I have just picked up  a bag od the caputo red and it is nothing short of amazing. Caputo will not divuldge the exact  protein level but it  is assumed it is about 12.5% 

what i am finding is that the absorption is much greater than regular all purpose flour.


What i tend to see is that general french bread is a 60% hydration, baguettes are  about 65%, ciabatta  is about 73% and rustic breads are about 68%

All this is based on regular 9-10% protein, but my new caputo  red rinforzato is about 12-13% and i need some help with how much more water  do i use with this new flour, percentage wise

Any help would be greatly appreciated 


Warmest regards


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though I have used it but still prefer my chefs blend of 00 caputo over the rinforzato.  I have some information on this flour and a focaccia I baked using the rinforzato if you would like to read the my blog Here Focaccia FWSY rinforzato..just in case I messed up the link.