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Greetings From Costa Rica

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Greetings From Costa Rica

My Name is Esteban and I'm from Costa Rica, I want to know more about Bread and Bakery in general. I come from a Family of cooks and bakers but unfortunately most of my relatives past away and recipes are lost in time because they didn't wrote it down.

I manage to save a few but I'm in the learning of bakery, I've been cooking for the last 15 years (not professionally) and I think I can learn more about food and bakery considering I;m 29 years old. Hope to find tips and recipes in this forum.

Also I'm looking for some Silicone Pan subway style.

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Happy Baking .  I love Costa Rica for all kinds of reasons one of which is that are not any extradition treaties with the USA and my baking apprentice 

at the rate she is going, may need that one day:-)

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Welcome to TFL.  I love you country as well...just went there for the first time on vacation this past July and can't wait to go back to visit again.

You will find everything you need on this site for baking bread...don't hesitate to ask questions.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the welcome to the forum, so Far I've learned so much by reading the forums.

For those who had come to CR I recommend this time of the year, we are in Summer here until May, so its always sunny and hot but not that much maybe 80 degrees Fahrenheit hope you come more and more again in the future.

You have a Friend Here.