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Wanted: KOMO JUMBO grain mill

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PEI Baker

Wanted: KOMO JUMBO grain mill


I am looking to purchase a KOMO Jumbo grain mill. Does anyone have one for sale used? Or do you know of the cheapest place to get one? I'm in canada and they're over $3000. Thanks!

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That's a crazy price for a grain mill !!!

I looked at the specs of the Jumbo which oddly show differently here in the UK to what's showing on a USA site.
The milling rate is given in the UK as 320g per min but that prize is super crazy.

The thing is, for the same money you could buy 4 x Komo Fidibus XL grinders each of which will mill at a rate of 200g per min.
So that's 800g per min combined across 4 machines which would spread the load and wear across 4 stones. In addition you could be grinding rye and spelt and wheat in different grinders. Should someone jam the grinder accidentally, it's not game over as you would still have 3 more.

Can't really see any advantage buying just 1 large grinder at such a huge mark up. Maybe I am missing something?


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PEI Baker

Thanks. That is a great idea. And I just found out about the KoMo Fidibus XL PLUS!