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Recent bakes

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Recent bakes

 it's tim

Been a bit busy with all the baking lately and haven't gotten around to posting anything so I figured I'd do a big catch up post with a bunch of pictures.  Got some Baguettes, some Fougasse with Olives, Italian herb bread, grain country loaf, walnut raisin country loaf, citrus and raisin braids (candied orange and lemons and raisins), 

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Looks like you've been busy.  Nice selection of bread and they all look great.

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All of the bread looks top rate! 

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The breads look great.  Really like the shaping and cutting of your breads.

What oven are you baking in?

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Thanks -- I certainly am a pretty busy baker.  Just means more practice (and less sleep)!

The oven is a Marshall rotating 6 deck oven, it has been restored/rebuilt a few times and is about 3 times older than I am.  Nothing fancy but it has a lot of good history to it.