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Baking powder for muffins

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Baking powder for muffins

Well - had my first experience with variations in baking powder formulas.  I was making a buttermilk based muffin. I used Clabor Girl initially - the muffins were fine, but not great.  My husband picked up Argo double acting at the store - and holy cow did the muffins rise!  But now they are crumbly, break apart easily and aren't very moist.

What is the best baking powder for muffins?

What is the best baking powder for cakes?  I don't want to use this Argo brand in a cake and have it explode!

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For everything calling for baking powder: muffins, biscuits, pancakes Waffles, biscotti, Welsh cakes, quick breads. Nary an explosion yet.

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Ms. Wink is TFL's microbiologist-in-residence (virtually) and has helped many of us--myself included--weather the slings and arrows of leavening.

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A 60-oz (3.75-Lb - 1.7-kg) container is $ 5.78.

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Out of interest what ingredients were in your muffin?  Moistness is probably more about the main flavouring ingredients than the baking powder.  At the moment, my favourite sweet muffin is a Rhubarb, Ginger and Raisin muffin which rises nicely, comes out with a great crumb but has plenty of moistness which is actually better on day 2 (if they last that long!).  As you might imagine, this is more the result of the Rhubarb which adds a lot of wetness to the overall mix.