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Hello from Scotland.

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Hello from Scotland.

I've been dabbling with bread making over the years and wanting to take it a bit more "seriously". Looking forward to seeing how far I can go with this.

I went through Lesson 1 yesterday, and while not without fault, quite pleased with the result:)


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Hi BU2B,

Whereabouts in Scotland are you?   I'm just south of the border, quite near Alnwick

Welcome along to TFL; nice loaf

Best wishes


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hey there from Cape Town, South Africa... different location, similar time zone. Nice pass at a first(ish) loaf!

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I live in Edinburgh, and have learnt an amazing amount in the three years since I bookmarked this website.  Every issue you will encounter will be solved here, just use the search facility. I follow some wonderful bakers on this site, and read everything they do, even though I will never be as successful or adventurous as they are.  It is a fantastic resource even for the beginner baker. I look forward to reading about your baking.  Cheers  Nici

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WElcome to the site.  I'm living in Wales.

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I'm sure you'll find out a lot from the bakers on this site. I live near Edinburgh and I've been making my own sourdough bread for two years now. I'm pleased to find so many people using this site from the UK. 

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Thanks for the welcomes. Saturday tomorrow, Baking Day:)

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and a hello from the South coast (Rye, East Sussex to be precise)!

New to the site myself (but a long time lurker)


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If I shout real loud you may be able to hear me from just across the Irish sea. Welcome!