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Triangle Bread - Germany looking for recipe

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Triangle Bread - Germany looking for recipe

I purchased this Triangle bread in central Germany.  It is very dense with wheat berries and sunflower seeds.

It is unusual that it is in a triangular form.  I believe that it is baked in a triangular bread pan and has very little rise.


I would very much like to have a recipe so that I can make it at home.  Thank you in advance!



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I don't think there is one defined recipe. The bakery uses it's own recipe for tin loafs but but with special tins. But it is basicly a rye-wheat or rye-spelt mixed bread with rye, barley and spelt berries with sunflower seeds.

In Germany there has to be a list of ingredients in the order in which they are in the bread (by weight, not always the case with loose bread). Together with some basic knowledge about bread like estimating the salt (usually about 2%) and the hydration level you can create or modify a recipe that comes quite near very easily.
Do you have such a list or can get it?