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Question for Janetcook about Reinhart and SD

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Question for Janetcook about Reinhart and SD this is my first post and I'm not sure how to contact a person about a post they made without hijacking the thread.

There was a thread about a year old in which Janet said:

"His (Reinhart) method is what pushed me into trying sourdough as a starter.  Such an easy step once I understood what a biga was and how it worked.  I have been hooked on using sd ever since I discovered how easy it is to use and maintain. I now convert Laurel's recipes to sd and bulk ferment them all overnight and all turn out nice and soft so his book helped me utilize her information to get the results I was after."

I have both books but am not sure I understand. Is Reinhart's biga equivalent to a sd starter? How would you convert her recipes to his method? Do you have any example recipes where you have done this?

Any help would be appreciated. 


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Hi Sandy,

I have left you a message in your message 'box' in order to reply to your above inquiry.