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Sourdough Raisin Bread

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Sourdough Raisin Bread

I chose this bread because I wanted to try sourdough for my second bread to bring me to the next level. I also wanted the raisins for a little pizazz to the taste. I think this one came out great. I'm glad that my dad helped me. It would never be such a success without him there. The looks beautiful. Hope you like it.

Sourdough Raisin Bread Crust

Sourdough Raisin Bread Before Baking

Sourdough Raisin Bread Inside


  • 40 g Sourdough Starter
  • 229 g Water
  • 103 g of water for soaking raisins
  • 150 g Golden Raisins
  • 10 g malt syrup
  • 9 g Salt
  • 100 g Whole Wheat
  • 25 g rye blend
  • 355 g Ka organic Ap

Mix all ingredients in a big plastic bowl. Use a dough scraper and work in circles toward the middle all the way around 5 times. At 11:50am My dad said to let it rest for 1 hour.

At 1:00pm I finished kneading the dough using the french fold technique for a few times. It turned soft and not so sticky, and I made it round and put it in the special plastic rising bucket. It was up to 1 qt.

At 2:00pm I folded it. At 3:00pm I folded it. At 4:30 my dad folded it because I was gone acting in a play. I'm the cowardly lion in the wizard of oz.

At 8:30pm it was up to 2qt. I made a round loaf. I pulled up all the edges to the middle like a bag and squeezed it. I turned it over and squeezed it in all around the sides. I turned it over into a bowl (my dad put the couche in the bowl) with special couche cloth in it. I put flour in it and rubbed it everywhere all over the couche.

We put the whole loaf and a bowl of hot water in the microwave oven.

I fell asleep! My dad baked the loaf at 11:00pm, but he wrote in my notes. The temperature was 425 for the first 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the temperature was dropped to 400. It was done at 11:30pm.

We cut it today and had some. It was delicious bread!



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Will, you are certainly on your way with another beautiful successful bake.  Your raisin bread looks so beautiful and tasty.  You seem to have that special touch.  I might say it is the "artist" in you.  (Hehe...I could not resist.)

Congrats on your role in the play as well.  I love Wizard of Oz.  My sister and I used to line up all our dolls every year to watch it with us when we were children.  Oh, and I must say my husband can attest that I do quite a mean rendition of the cowardly lion's cry as well.  At least I crack him up with it all the time.

Keep baking, Will.  You are doing a super job!

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Excellent! Another great-looking bread. Your dad has helped me (and lots of other people here) tons with sourdough. Didn't even think I liked it before a few months ago, but was I ever wrong...

A night on stage will wear you out in a heartbeat, so falling asleep is understandable. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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Your raisin bread looks just wonderful.

I'm wondering how you liked working with the sourdough? I guess you learned that it can take a lot longer to rise than regular yeast breads. Did you like that? Sometimes I get impatient waiting for it, but it tastes so good, it's usually worth the wait!

I hope you'll keep on baking and showing us your bread. 


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that's for sure! Your second loaf, a sourdough!! My first loaf of sourdough didn't even come close to yours. What's up sure to post pics!

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Lookin' great and thanks for sharing your journey!