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Pulla with sweet levain and yeast water levain

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Pulla with sweet levain and yeast water levain

The yeast water really makes for some amazing oven spring. For this bake I used 50g YW and 25g sweet levains both at 100% hydration and less than 300g total flour, all AP except for the levains and still got this monster, mutant loaf:

Once again am egg wash and a generous sprinkling of sugar and ground almond. Sadly I was out of slivered almonds.

Happy baking folks! Brian


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It's like looking at the clouds and trying to guess which one looks like a dog or cat....I think this one looks like a mutated monkey sleeping on its back :).

Must taste good!


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It is a fine loaf and like the last YW loaf will likely improve with age. Switching to AP flour except in the levains has given me a better crumb and flavour. This is a fine tasting loaf!

happy baking! Brian

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to love this pulla Ski!  Each slice looks like a cloud...  Bet it is as light at one too!  Well done.  I'm using YW and SD together in this year's end panettone bake - we want those clouds:-)

Happy Christmas baking Ski

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The crumb and flavour definitely improved by going to AP flour for this recipe. I neglected to mention, I was doing the first bulk rise on the counter and intent on refrigerating it overnight only to forget. When I got up in the morning it was easily 3x plus in bulk and standing 31/2" proud of the container and wearing the lid as a hat. Oops! No harm though.

I am now feeding my levain's for a 4 loaf pulla bake. One for me and three as gifts. The YW levain now easily doubles in 4 hours, but i am letting it go 6 before feeding again.

I have some back ribs hickory smoking for tonight's dinner. they have been going for 4 hours now and need a couple of more.

Happy Christmas baking back at you dab! Ski