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Budin Ingles (Italian Fruit Cake)

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Budin Ingles (Italian Fruit Cake)

i call this italian fruit cake. its a sweet bread and it came out really good, but what i didn't like is after an hour of being put for consumption the sweet bread got hard and dry. how could i make this bread more moist and not get hard? Do i add more milk? an extra egg? Thank you.

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Please add melted butter in the recipe, it will help it keep moist. Depending upon your recipe and other wet ingredients you may use up to 70% of melted butter to the weight of the flour.


If you could share the recipe I may be able to add some more value to it.


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thank you for your reply. here is the recipe.

300 grams self rising flour

60 cm3 milk

100 grams sugar

75 grams raisins

100 grams fruit cake candy mix

100 grams butter

2 eggs

1 tablespoon vanilla

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This must make a thick dough. And then the raisins and fruit mix will absorb some of the liquid as and after it bakes. Add a bit more liquid.

Self rising flour should be fresh or the baking powder in it goes flat. Put a little bit in a bowl and add water to make a liquid. It should bubble a bit. If not add a little vinegar to see if it reacts. It should be fairly vigorous. If not, add a little baking powder to the batter to help lift the cake.

 There is no technique mentioned but is this  a batter where you beat the butter and sugar till fluffy? That would incorporate more air and make it a bit lighter. Or is this a really thick with fruit cake with not much batter in between? So- is it a cake with fruit or fruit with cake?

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its not really a fruit cake. i just call it that b/c there is no translation for it. its similiar to a sweet bread (like banana but not very moist). it has a panettone taste. the dough is thick. i did add more milk to it b/c i thought it was way too thick, but i never made the recipe so i wasn't sure how much milk to add. there are no instructions on how to incorporate the ingredients. i beat the butter and sugar till it was fluffly and added the egg next followed by milk and flour alternatively. even the oven temp was pretty funny. btwn 150-190 C...i settled on 350. the oven temp i think is good.

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raisins in orange juice ( or brandy / dark rum) to plump them up and they will release moisture into the dough as it cools keeping it moist.

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thank you! will try this!