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Robert J


I baked my first successful loaf of bread last night, due in large part to what I found on this site.  Thanks to all...

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Good for you.  feel free to post some photos and questions.  There's always someone who will be willing to help if you have any problems.

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Hi Robert,

Welcome aboard. I'm new here also, but have learnt a lot by lurking for a while reading various posts. Where abouts are you based?

Keep baking!


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Robert J

Springfield, VA

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Glad to hear it!  Welcome!

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David Esq.

It is funny, I baked my first successful bread and then a couple of duds, and then went back to my successful bread recipe and found that I really didn't like the bread too much. It was an enriched bread (i.e., had sugar and butter added), and I had since started baking with sourdough (flour, water and salt) and find those breads more to my liking.

I guess success changes over time. I'm just at the beginning myself, and look forward to learning to make better and better breads.At some point, I will experiment more with deviating (intentionally) from the recipes and formulas, and see if I can get a great country loaf in a rectangular pan so I can make sandwiches easier. :)

Welcome and post some pictures of  your next success!