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Hello from Oklahoma

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Hello from Oklahoma

I just found & joined this forum. What a wonderful resource!  We have a small (20 acre) homestead.  I take care of things here while my DH works as a over-the-road truck driver until the homestead is self-sufficient & income generating enough that he can leave trucking.

We are fairly simple, plain, living in that we grow or make most of what we use.  I also work from home, using sewing and other skills to make homespun and some clothing that I sell.

I love baking and find it to be very relaxing.  My husband says that he loves how it feels to come into the house, after being gone on the truck, and smell the scents of fresh-baked breads.

I look forward to sharing recipes and tips with everyone.


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We're looking forward to your input!


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You aught to have lots of fun around here