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I've been wanting to try baking Panatonne for Christmas the past few years.  I find many recipes, some using the traditional, long sponge process which takes several days and some one day recipes.  Any hints, tips or recipe suggestions would be appreciated.


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I posted a recipe of a quick and easy panettone, with poolish method. I invite you to prepare it:

Abel Sierra, Barcelona.

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i recently bought the paper forms from Amazon and looking to try in the next couple of days.  I'm thinking of using Peter Reinhart's recipe.  He usually goes the extra mile in providing a professional approach to baking.  No shortcuts or quick and easy methods.  Of course, there are ways to shortcut any recipe so maybe you should read a couple and see which one fits your baking style.   Disclaimer:  I've never made Panettone bread and it will be my first real complicated artisan bread.

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I will search for Peter R's recipe.  His might be the one I have that requires 3-4 days to make.  I have paper forms I purchased from KAF last year, but didn't get around to making the bread :)

Will report back with news, good or bad.  Hoping to get a good loaf to share with my DIL's Italian father.

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mwilson posted a lot of wonderful panettones here on TFL . Actually he made the best panettone I've ever seen.

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Thanks, I'll check it out. 

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Suza, if you read French, you can find much information at these two links (that I've posted elsewhere on the site BTW & which you may have seen already). I found the recipes & tips very helpful.