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Reed Reel Oven help with the value?

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Reed Reel Oven help with the value?

Hi everybody. I'm looking at purchasing this oven. All I know about it is that it's 7 foot wide, 7 foot deep and 6 foot tall. It runs off gas. The tag say reel reed oven. Can somebody please give me info on this and if they know what the value of it might be. thank you

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Boron Elgar

The company is still in business and you might want to contact them directly to get some specs or other information.

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Do you know how these ovens work, Gostlcard?   I can explain that if not


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I don't know how old this oven is but if was made in the 50s or 60s it might be wise to check that asbestos was not used for insulation.