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Split top

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Split top

Tesco White bread mix.

Dough placed in Loaf tin and covered with cling film and allowed to rise.

Top slightly above edge of tin. Remove Cling film.

Placed in preheated oven for appointed time.

When done top of loaf is well above edge of tin.

A "groove " runs the length of the loaf which has come from the edge of the tin.

When looking at the face of the loaf the groove continues and when allowed to cool and then cut

The top splits from the slice that has been cut.

Can some kind person tell me why this should happen and how do I avoid it





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I believe this is from a slight crust forming and the loaf being under proofed. From the sounds of it with the plastic film covering it the loaf shouldn't dry out that much. So, I would go with being underproofed. As the inside expands and you didnt score the bread, it tears in the weakest spot. Loafs pans that means along the edge most of the time. Where the dry top meets the wet side against the pan. The inside expands and the top just goes for a ride. I would give the top a slash to allow a controlled expansion. What does this have to do with underproofed? The loaf will expand more when it hits the oven. If it were doubled or even tripled (thats right at the edge of deflating) the oven spring would be minimal. Since it doesnt spring much from rising sufficiently you dont get the flying crust. Give it a shot and let your loaf proof to 2.5 % and then bake it (about where it is when you take it out of the oven). You should get only a small amount of spring and the flying crust will be little to none. I let my loaf bread get really close to 3 times its size since the pan supports it during the bake.

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Thanks for the reply .I did slash  but will try again soon