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Kmix Hand Mixer - Kneading problem?

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Kmix Hand Mixer - Kneading problem?

Hi everyone I'm a new member so am inevitably about to ask a daft question (I did search first and couldn't see it having been asked previously!) 

I have always baked bread in my Panasonic SD2500 bread-maker - it's a much loved member of the family but I'm keen to learn and have therefore been hand-baking of late. 

I've recently purchased a Kmix Hand Mixer, having been put of by the cost of the Kenwood Chef Class stand mixer that I've been looking at.  The Kmix Hand Mixer comes with dough hooks and am well aware that the max flour it can comfortably cope with is 400g. 

What I've ended up with so far is a stick ball of mess, dough far too wet as it comes together, despite it being used on recipes I've used previously.  In fact, the dough hooks aren't 'flopping' the dough about in the way that my Panasonic bread-maker does, it just gets firmly wedged inside the dough and doesn't do anything by way of stretching the dough out. 

I'm putting the flour in first and adding the water afterwards - is that the wrong way round?
Any hints and tips gratefully received - I have realised after the even that maybe a Hand Mixer may not have been the right purchase given I mostly bake bread rather than cakes, etc. 

Thanks Pete

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I can't answer your questions about the mixer, sorry, but if you don't want to knead in the traditional manner, have you considered the stretch and fold technique of kneading.  It's simple to do and easy on the arms.

I hadn't heard of it before I started reading The Fresh Loaf avidly, but have been doing it successfully ever since.  It's made my bread-making much less of a hassle.

If you're interested, you can use the search box in the top right hand corner and you'll find plenty of threads about stretch and fold.  Also, here's a couple of links to get you started: