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First mill: Champion mill attachement, or GrainMaker?

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First mill: Champion mill attachement, or GrainMaker?

Hi Everyone,

I’m wanting to buy my a mill. I’ve done a bunch of reading, but I could use some help. I tend to make lots of different types of bread. But prefer heartier ones.

Right now I have it down to three:
- Champion juicer mill attachement
- GrainMaker 99
- Retsel Mil-Rite

While the Retsel is nice, I think if I’m going to spend that much, I’d like the ability for cracked gains, corn, etc..

Right now, I have a Champion Juicer, and thought about getting the grain attachment. But I have some reservations, they say it can have problems (get hot) with spelt and kamut. I’m guessing if I could run it twice (cracked first) and maybe bypass the issue, in addition to keeping the flour cooler.

I’ve always been the sort of person who prefers quality costs and something that will do the job right the first time. Otherwise I ended up being the better item later and spend more money.

So I’m wondering if I’d be better off with the GrainMaker 99? While I’m not super excited about doing it all by hand - I’m not opposed to it - as I know I can always motorize later.

Some I’m wondering…
How good would the Champion be? Or should pony up and get the GrainMaker? Money wise, I could afford too, but also budget conscious. It would be my Christmas present with the Thanksgiving sales - so I need to decide by Monday.

Wondering which I should get… and how much is enough. Defiantly could use some friendly input. I’ve over thought it ad am going in circles.


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The Retsel Mil-Rite is available with steel burrs which are adequate for cracking grain, including ordinary dent corn.  Also get the stone plates for fine flour.

The Grainmaker looks to be a good machine with a lot of flexibility, but adding the motor makes it the most expensive option.  With motor, it is not compact.

Haven't heard anything good about attachments to juicers or mixers.

Edit:  If it were me, I would buy the Grainmaker 99 now (assuming a plan for mounting it).  Then I'd watch for a good deal on a used Mil-Rite with just the stones -- no need for steel burrs or hand crank.



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Thanks for the reply. I did some more looking into the Retsel. Based on what I read, I would buy one if I found it second had, but don't think I'd go through the rigmarole of buying new with them.

Hopefully someone can chime in with info on the champion.

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I run the My Home Grain Mill website in the UK and have a database with details of all the mills available in the UK and Europe as well as who sells what and for how much, which I update on a monthly basis.

A couple of years ago I noticed that one of the companies who sold the Champion Grain Mill attachment had stopped selling them. I decided to ask why and was told that they had a lot of returns as people found they weren't very good.

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Uncle Doug

Hi.  I've been reading TFL for a while -- just registered to pop in here.

In choosing a mill, I think one of the first questions to answer is, "How much milling do you expect/want to do?"  Knowing the answer will narrow, or expand, the choices quite a lot.

I've had several mills over the years.  A few months ago, I bought a GrainMaker, which is truly an extraordinary piece of machinery.  It's a serious investment, though, so you'd probably only consider it for "serious" milling.