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Please help newbie... Refrigerating monkey bread??

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Please help newbie... Refrigerating monkey bread??

Hi all, I'm new here but have been lurking around this site for years. Any help greatly appreciated!


Long story short, I was asked last minute to make mini loaf-sized monkey breads for a party tomorrow. I was already baking a dozen pies for my own family/friends and was more focused on those.

I intended to prep my monkey bread dough through the first rise, then cut/roll, coat in butter/sugar, and refrigerate in pans for a retarded second rise overnight (which I read would be the "best" way to do it).

With all the baking chaos, the monkey bread didn't make it into the fridge and by the time I noticed it on the table it had already doubled and done its entire second hour-long rise.

So I baked it off, fearing that it would overproof/collapse if I put it in the fridge for 12+ hours.

Now I have 6 loaves of baked monkey bread. Everything I'm reading online says to refrigerate it.

Can someone tell me why?? Is it okay to leave on the counter?

It's basically the same as cinnamon rolls, but I've always heard to leave THOSE on the counter. So why refrigerate the MB?

I'm worried about the obvious--the MB going hard, dried out, and stale in the fridge overnight, and drying out further when reheating.

Any advice on what to do? Leave it out or stick it in the fridge?

Also, I will most likely be doing a drop-off of the MBs at the party, so I won't be reheating them myself. I'll have to include a little note with instructions or something. Does reheating in a low oven for 5-8 minutes sound okay?


Already worried this will be a total fail.


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Make sure they are cool, then cover them with plastic and leave them on the counter.  You'll be fine.

By the way, with a username like TheCarboholic, you should buy one of these. I'm wearing mine today (well, this morning while running errands and cooking, not for our Thanksgiving feast). 

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanks so much for your reply!

I did end up cooling them completely on a wire rack, then transferring to disposable loaf pans and sealing in cellophane bags tied with ribbon and reheating instructions/ingredients (I try to do this for those with food allergies).


I tasted one this morning and they are still soft and moist. Not sure why everywhere says to refrigerate.


Thanks again!! And I will definitely be getting one of those shirts--so perfect for me, you have no idea! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Couldn't help but notice the tags on your MBs.  I wrap my breads in a similar fashion. Your ribbons look like to the ones I use.  I have a lot of fun mixing and matching colors… think I am loosing my mind.  I am and I am enjoying myself  :)


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Lol! I must be losing my mind too!

I keep a few different colors of raffia ribbon on hand, and I buy disposable food containers in bulk. I'm constantly gifting baked goods and breads to loved ones, and I just think it looks so much nicer than wrapped in foil or in a Ziploc bag. And it's not much effort!

As to the tags, I grew up in a home with severe life-threatening food allergies and try to include ingredients if the food has any allergens. These MBs will be going to a party with lots of children. Better safe than sorry these days.

Happy Thanksgiving Janet  :)

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eddie chak

Hey ,i  have recently baked a batch of monkey bread and cinnamon rolls and i kept it in the fridge so they could last longer for my family.How should i store it ? Because when i took them out of the fridge to reheat them,they are kind of dry...How long would it last if i keep it at the counter ?

Would freezing them cause the bread to dry out as well? 

And i noticed if i include eggs in my recipe for cinnamon roll,it nicer and fluffier when freshly baked,but gets hard faster when i store them in the fridge :(

please let me know whats wrong ! 

Thanks !