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Starter not doubling.

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Starter not doubling.


I have recently taken an interest in baking bread and decided to make my own sourdough starter.

The starter that I made 5 days ago have been bubbly, foamy, and it smells sour. However it doesnt double in volume. I feed it every 12 hours. I live in southeast asia (which is very warm and humid)

Should I be worried?

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from the wee besaties you don't want.  The the mix might act like it is dead but it is not.  By day 5 or so the good wee beasties will start to take over the culture.  Keep on feeding and in 2weeks total time you should have the beginnings of a nice starter.  Depending on what method you are using to make your starter, it might be too thin to hold the bubbles for it to double.  If you are using equal volume of flour and water, this  will be the case.  But, if you are using equal weights of flour and water like you should,  then it will double.

Looks like you have about 9 days to go so keep at it and you might want to thicken it up in a couple of days or so if it is thin.

Happy SD baking


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Mini Oven

should be feeding it less.  Try once a day or skip a discard only adding flour to thicken it up, runny starters rarely rise.