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Hello from Central PA!

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Hello from Central PA!

I haven't been on here much, I sorta stumbled across this site and was like "Wow! Where have you been all my life!". I started baking when I was 8 or 9 and learned everything the old fashioned way, before mixers and bread machines. So for those of you that aren't using them, I totally relate! I haven't bought a mixer that can handle bread because I don't want to lose the technique I've gained over the past 22 years (or the arm strength, lol).

I just recently started to experiment with other breads. I primarily did wheat's, white's and cinnamon rolls. Nothing fancy. But now I'm doing sourdoughs (from my own starter) and branching into ciabatta, english muffins, challah and I just got a french bread pan that I can't wait to try out! A lot of my baking is not just bread though. I can whip up a mean batch cookies and a decent pie crust too. I really do enjoy baking everything, not just bread.

Most of the recipes I have are family hand me downs, ones that have been used, tried and true, so there isn't much guessing on them. Many just have ingredient lists and no instructions because they are taught. lol  I guess I am rambling pretty well now. I just wanted to say "Hi!" and introduce myself. I don't know if this is a big group or small one, but I'm excited to be a member!


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Welcome, Ceace!

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Welcome! It sounds like you have a lot of experiences you can share with us.

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Thanks (to both of you)! I'll share what I can, but I know I am still learning a lot too. So I am excited to gather new info from you guys as well!

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I'm looking forward to reading your posts, Ceace.  I'm still a relatively newbie baker, so reading more from experienced bakers is always welcome :)