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Flour - Best storage for flour and how long to keep it

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Flour - Best storage for flour and how long to keep it

I have never baked bread before until I had some awesome Rosemary Focaccia at a restaurant the other day.  So I bought all the ingredients and bought a small rosemary plant.

I have had KA Unbleached flour in my freezer for a long time because I rarely use it .  On occasions when I need it to thicken or make quick biscuits (just noticed it is expired).

My questions are:

1) Can I keep the new KA Flour in the freezer?

2) Is the old, in the freezer, flour still good after expiration date?

3) What is the best way to store flour?

4) I also read that if you want lighter bread use KA unbleached flour, but if I want more dense then buy the KA Bread Flour?

Any tips about bread making will be appropriated.

Thank you



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Check out the King Arthur web site for their FAQ's about storage.  I took a course there recently and they said that freezing would keep their flour fresh longer as long as it was tightly sealed.  Don't remember any specifics about how long you could keep it however.