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silicon flexipan shaped like a baguette pan, in the USA, anyone?

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silicon flexipan shaped like a baguette pan, in the USA, anyone?

Ok, I've been reading threads on this forum for a while now as I'm French from France, expat in the USA, and I'm trying hard to make ... guess what ... descent home made baguettes and pizza dough Euro style. 

The only real problems I've had until now were either:
>> 480-500 F is ok (250-260 C) but needs stone or heat resistant equivalent pan, therefore means transfer from molding & rising linen/pan (during last fermentation phase) to baking stone/pan.
>> Baguettes pan great for last step mentioned above with no handling transfer to the oven but limited to way lower than 250 C minimum temps like 400-420 F, even if covered with silicon or high performance non-stick.

I recently bought a Silpat clone (French Demarle style silicon baking mat made in China) which is 480 F safe therefore 250 C feasible and the results are unbelievably astonishing: crispy bottom (and all around) crust with no transfer as the baguettes rest on the mat for the last 45 min. Same crisp for pizza, all under 15 min. But the baguettes have no side support for the last 45 min rise/rest and flatten a bit, not to mention additional similar effect right after scoring.

So, I am assuming a flexipan shapped like a baguette pan would probably make a killing with USA home baguettes makers, don't you think? But I couldn't find any here in the USA or on Amazon. I know it exists in France:

And if the bar is raised from 480 F to 500 F, even better. Chef John from Foodwishes already did this but there is no mention of his 480 F Silpat in his 550 F oven. Oops or intentional?

I am doing mini baguettes de tradition - organic AP flour dry yeast 210g 15in/40cm 3 scores - in an electric coil oven, USA range, well calibrated. I am using aluminum half sheet with 11x17 silicon baking mat upper half, couple of ice cubes in cast iron pan on bottom. Everything is beyond expectation compared to real "baguette a l'ancienne" except the oval flat shape instead of oval round.

I searched for similar "Silicone baguette pan" discussion threads but couldn't find any, so I posted one.

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Unfortunately, the links you provided are targeted to experts and pros capable of fitting a full sheet in their oven, as the code suggests:
SB-620L420-04-00 -> (620 x 420mm) = 24.5" L x 16.5 W
which is actually in the range of the average retail size found in France.

The link I suggested looks more like it would be targeted to amateur home bakers where a half-sheet would fit the oven:
SF 380295 -> (380 x 295mm) = 15" L x 11.5 W

Thanks for your help anyway, appreciated.

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is the mat shaped like a baguette or do you place your baguettes after rising on the mat?

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The mat is shaped like baguettes as a usual baguette pan is, and the baguettes are rising on the mat during the last fermentation phase the same way they would on the traditional linen cloth.

I also found out that the ones from TCF which I believe are from Demarge SILIFORM® could be used @ temp up to 280C = 550F so easy 250-260C with no worry.