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Help! Too much oven spring I think?

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Help! Too much oven spring I think?

So I am fairly new to bread baking, and am having trouble with a no knead boule type recipe.  My dough has been in the fridge for about a week now, and seems to be in great shape.  But when I bake it you can see what happens in the picture.  I shaped a small round loaf using a softball size amount of dough.  I had a baking stone in the oven preheated to about 450.  I let the dough rest for about 40 minutes (per instructions) before baking it.  I don't know if I am getting too much oven spring, or if it is the way I am shaping the loaf, or something else.  Any ideas?

Sorry, it looks like the picture is rotated.

Thanks for any advice!

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How long is the dough in the fridge in the original formulas instructions?  40 minute proof of very cold dough is way too short.  It is odd how the bread exploded the way it did but I think its mostly under proofed.  Let it finish proofing until the dough says its ready to bake.  Do the poke test.  If you gently press your finger into the outside of the loaf.  if ti just bounces back immediately you need more time.  Once it holds your imprint but has some bounce left it's ready.  if it just takes your imprint and shows absolutely no resistance you are going too far.  

Hope this helps you out.


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Thanks I will try that.  The instructions only called for a 40 minute rest out of the fridge, but the finger poke sounds more reliable.  I appreciate the help.

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Definitely need to leave it out longer.

I've had some similar experiences about following the timing guidelines in the recipes. With SD any time in the fridge really slows things down and really needs a significant amount of time in a warm place ... like several hours.