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Ankarsrum Grinding Mill FS

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Ankarsrum Grinding Mill FS

Withdrawn. No longer for sale.


This is the Ankarsrum/ Assistent/ Verona/ Electrolux grain mill.

I now have 2 of these (don't even ask) and I only need one. It works fine, no issues whatsoever.

It produces a coarse to extremely fine grind and does a really good job. It will grind dry grain, spices, herbs, coffee, and other items, the list of what it won't grind is small. That I know of it won't grind popcorn, chickpeas, and extremely oily seeds.

I've used it for a few months and it's in virtually new condition, but it is used. You won't be able to tell if from new however. It will arrive in the original box with the Ankarsrum instruction manual.

PHG sells it for $169. Since mine has been lightly used I'm asking $150 shipped CONUS. I can ship to NA if you want to pay the additional shipping. Paypal  only, as goods.

If my price is too high, feel free to let me know.