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Hello from Northumberland!

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Hello from Northumberland!

Hi! I live in Northumberland which is the last county before Scotland on the east coast of England.  I've just found this site while I was looking for a local baker.  I currently run a Mediterranean-style bar in Morpeth, Northumberland and recently we have been introducing some more traditional British dishes to the menu.  We were the first place to do tapas in Northumberland when we opened 6 years ago, however - since everyone now is doing tapas, I thought it was time we changed tack! I've been practising making some pies both meat and vegetarian and they have gone down really well on the menu.  I have never made bread by hand and thought I would try to find the guy who I once met on the farmer's market - and that's how I found 'The Fresh Loaf'. I then stumbled across the recipe for Banana Bread by Floyd.  coincidently I had two bananas sitting on the bench almost black - so I can now smell the most delicious smell coming from the oven! I can't wait. I will post a picture when I figure out how! You can have a look at my website if you're interested - just Google La Bodega, Morpeth.

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Was it Andy of Bread and Roses you were after? If so, you could send him a private message, scroll to the bottom of the link.

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Hello Bodegacat,

I am Andy from Bread and Roses, as Robyn says, please feel free to send a message using TFL.

Best wishes