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not much oven-spring

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not much oven-spring

I made baguette like the recipe of

As you can see the bread didn't have much of a final oven spring ( is this the right description??)

I used half a cup of water when I put the bread into the oven to make steam, is this possibly too much with a loss of temperature as a result?

Was the bread over-proofed??

I hope somebody has a tip for me, thanks!


Ronald ( holland )

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Contribute to oven spring.  The formula, strength of dough, shaping, and baking. One obvious cause is the shapes look like they were a bit loose and possible the dough was overproofed.  Are the lines on the tops from attempted scoring or just natural?  If its scoring it looks like they collapsed to your scoring.  Baguettes usually go through a mildly long process to develop flavor and an open crumb but once they are shaped the final proof is rather short.  You want them to be baking while they still have a bit of bounce so they do spring.  


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Hi Josh,


Thanks for your comment!

I think you are right that they were overproofed, and also I  possibly did not give enough strength in the shaping.

I'll let you know how my next baguettes will be when I keep the time schedule more accurate.