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Country Style Hearth Loaf

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Country Style Hearth Loaf

This bread is a result of my third attempt at Daniel Leader's country style hearth loaf. I used all King Arthur's bread flour for this. I am going to use whole wheat next batch, but I wanted to try my first few loafs with bread flour. I'm hoping for a much darker color next time. This bread has turned out very tasty, and I'm excited to try it with whole wheat. I'm such a newbie, that I get so excited pulling the loafs out of the oven. I sat like a little kid at my counter, watching and listening to these cool! What a nice and satisfying crackle they had as the moisture was redistributed to the crust as they cooled! Maybe that giddy feeling never goes away? I kind of hope not!

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your bread looks delicious. I can smell it all the way over here, especially since I just baked myself.


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If you want a darker crust, bake at a higher temperature. You would probably also bake for a shorter time at that higher temperature.

Welcome to TFL and Happy Baking!


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Bake it to 205 F on the inside too, to get the crust as dark as it gets by then.  David id right, cranking up the temp helps and i baked mine today for the first 5 minutes at 550 F then, 5 at 500 ff and then 5 at 475 F before taking out the steam.

That warm feeling never goes away .....when the oven door opens and loaves come out it like it is all new again and it usually is too!

Happy baking

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Mini Oven

and I can smell bread too!  (Just pulled a tray of Kaisers out of the oven.)  Takes the "ter" out of winter, all these warm kitchen aromas and fresh bread.  :)

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Thanks for the encouragement! I have been baking them at 450 for the first twenty then turning down to 400. I'll try starting at 500 for the first five. wont using more whole wheat make the durst darker too? Thanks again!