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Rye bread

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Rye bread

Yesterday I made a mistake while trying to perfect my rye bread and managed to salvage much for perfection!

This is what happened. I had a bowl of flour of mis-en-placed 60% bread flour and 40% rye flour for the dough and a bowl of 60% bread flour and 40 % rye flour to which I was to add 6 oz of sourdough starter. Well I added water to the bowl of dough mix instead of the sourdough mix. So I decided to try and salvage it.

First I went ahead and mixed the flours and water for the dough and treated it as a preferment. I put in the fridge overnight since I forgot to start the sourdough which takes 12-16 hrs to work. I then mixed the sourdough starter and let it sit on the counter overnight. When I got to making the bread the sourdough was 18 hrs old. I added the sourdough to the mixing bowl and added the chunks of dough form the fridge which I had cut up and let warm to room temp. I mixed this mass on low speed(my mixer runs @ 42 rpm on low). While mixing the dough was way too loose so I added bread flour to tighten it up. I then put it in a bowl to bulk ferment which took about 45 min. I then divided it and put it in loaf pans to proof. After about 40 min I put it in the oven. I started out @ 460 deg for 15 min and finished the last 15 min @ 440 deg.

The pics show the results...good crumb, strong rye taste, a little sour form the sourdough and a little bitter from the rye.

I also included a pic of the first loaf of artisan bread I was actually proud of: good open crumb,creamy color, chewy and a dark crust. I might add I've went through about 120# of flour at this point.

Do I get kudo's or what? Am I a Boullanger yet?

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This is a loaf full of mistakes and I salvaged it!

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Mini Oven

If I understand correctly, there were two bowls of 60/40 flour, one turned into a soaker and the other used for building the sourdough culture.  mixed together and bulk proofed for 45 minutes, divided shaped and proofed to bake.  

I'll give you kudos for wet time on flour, always trying to get long wet times.  Did you have to add salt for the extra flour?

The loaf looks good from here.  I only see one picture and... did you get a crumb shot?