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ABS spiral mixer heat

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ABS spiral mixer heat

Hello all!

Have been checking this forum out for a few years now and love the conversations and advice.  I've read a few threads and other sites stating that a spiral mixer should have less frictional factor vs a planetary mixer.  I've also read that the average friction factor of a spiral mixer is 30.  Im still trying to figure the friction factor out for this new machine and came up with 94F dough temp for the first mix of 160# flour 59% hydration going by a chart based on a friction factor of 30.  So 94x3=282-62fl-70rt-78water=72 friction factor, does that seem right? Next batch I made was smaller using only 40# of flour I decided to drop the water temp 10F but this time my dough finished at 97F with a minute less on second gear. So 97x3=291-62-70-68=91....a lot higher than the estimated 30. First gear in reverse gets a minute, first gear going clockwise I'm doing 1 min 30 sec, second gear is 5min 30 sec for a large batch. Any thoughts?

 I am going to buy a new thermometer and try again but the last I checked this thermometer it was where it was suppose to be.