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I need to get rid of the dreaded glue layer

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I need to get rid of the dreaded glue layer

I have this problem still sometimes where there is a layer of dough that is a bit gluey. This has largely gone away with just not screwing up the pizza in general and using sauce that's room temperature.

What normally causes this and what can be done to prevent it in most cases?

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Solutions include brushing the dough with a layer of olive oil before topping to protect from the moist ingredients, briefly pre-baking the crust before topping (not sure which style of pizza or baking method you're using), or just thinner crust/higher temp so it bakes through faster.  Which is appropriate would depend on your end goal.

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It sounds like you think the hydration and thickness also could be an issue. I have noticed that certain things like a thick sauce seem to clock steam coming out. That's just my guess.

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Tom Lehmann, The Dough Doctor, listed so many reasons, it's hard to know where to start --,2623.msg22865.html#msg22865

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If you want a flat pizza, make the dough thin (less than 1/8th inch), and bake it hot, at least 450˚F. I've never had the gluey problem when I'd do that. I think the most key thing is HOT HOT HOT. Professional pizza ovens are always 800˚F and higher.