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Which KA models have adjustable bowl height?

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Which KA models have adjustable bowl height?

Does anyone know which KA mixers have adjustable bowl height? My non-tilt-head K5A does not. Do all tilt-head models have it?


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Tilt the mixer up, look at the joint where it connects to the stand under the "belly" of the mixer. You should see a small silver screw. Dialing it out will raise the head of the mixer, dialing it in will lower it.

Use Google, plenty of info on this...

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There is not a bowl height adjustment screw for the Kitchen aid K5-A.....

".....There isn't really a way to adjust bowl-beater clearance on the K5-A
> > > > (unlike the tilt-head models). One thing you can do is unscrew
> the head
> > > > from the column and insert thin shims to space it away from the
> column
> > > > slightly. I have taken apart several Model G mixers that had shims
> > > > installed in this location at the factory.
> > > >....."
Re: [WACEM] Re: Kitchenaid 5A adjustment


I have a bowl lift KitchenAid PRO 500 Series and a tilt-head KitchenAid K45SS Classic.

Here are YouTube videos showing how to adjust the bowl height on most models:

Tilt Head type - Beater height to Bowl Adjustment on Kitchenaid Tilt-Head Design Mixer

Bowl-Lift type - Beater height to Bowl Adjustment on Kitchenaid Bowl-Lift Design Mixer

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I was playing around with dough hooks and had an idea for a modification I would like to try. I thought I was going to have to get a new mixer to try my idea but probably won't have to now. I had settled on the K45SS.