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Chad Robertson style recipe *100%* wholemeal

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Chad Robertson style recipe *100%* wholemeal

I bought Tartine Bread without realising all his loaves use white flour ... which I don't bake with. Even the whole-wheat recipe on pg 114 uses 30% white flour. I realise that 100% wholewheat will change the hydration and possibly the method. Can anyone help me with proportions?

Also I routinely use Zentrofan milled flour. This is so very fine and I wonder if this will impact on the recipe also. (Further, I've been told New Zealand flour is low in gluten -- because we don't have the baking hot, dry summers of the wheat growing areas in North America etc that apparently develops a high gluten flour. So that may be another factor I'm contending with.)

I have not yet tried Chad's method but I have the equipment needed now. And I've been baking infrequently for a couple of years without having learnt to make really good sourdough yet, so it's time to try new approaches! I really appreciate having found this site, there's clearly a wealth of knowledge here and lots for me to learn. I've dough rising now and I'll try the tricks I read here about creating a thinner crust. Many thanks! rachel


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Chad has a new book out, Tartine Brown Bread, and it's going to concentrate on whole grain breads.