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June 27, 2007 - 11:54pm -- alaskawill

not knowing how to upload more than one picture - this a follow up:

The bread after cooling gets cut into quarters and then we freeze them.

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Submitted by Mini Oven on

WOW!   That looks like one big breakfast!  Good work guys and thanks for posting the pictures.  Mini Oven

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Submitted by Paddyscake on

That is one impressive loaf of bread!!! The sauna looks very cool. I love the roof! Please tell us more about the loaf, how it was baked. I just checked out your website..would love to come and visit some day, very nice. Your breakfasts sound wonderful.

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Submitted by alaskawill on

Thanks for the compliment

While still warm from grinding the rye, mix the flour with beer [I get the flat beer from the local micro brewer] and the 1/3 starter - ad salt and bread spices [I grind up a bunch ahead and keep it in the freezer - coriander, cardamom, fennel, anise and caraway - all in equal amounts - lots of it into the dough] with 2 -3 good handfuls of dried nettle that grows all over here. After kneading, the dough is placed into the warm sauna and after some time, according to how liquid the mass is, I bring over the cast iron pots, all buttered and coated with pumpkin seed, place dough into them and let rise until double in sinze - then into the hot oven - 450° - for 2.5 hr [bringing heat down to 375 after one hr].

Since here at Brigitte's Bavarian Bed und Breakfast most visitors have been to Germany or relate to the country somehow, having this kind of bread served at breakfast pleases them quite well.