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I am looking for a high gluten bread flour, flour that is 14% protein or higher.  King Arthur's Sir Lancelot is 14.2% but costs $7.50 at their web  site plus shipping.  Anyone know of a local source in SF Bay area for a good high protein bread flour?

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Have you tried the recipe with AP?

You can also try letting the dough rest 15-30 minutes before kneading it. I think you'll find a bagel dough will get plenty springy / stretchy even with just all purpose flour.

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I've had good results adding a small amount of straight gluten flour to bread flour.

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I add about a teaspoon of vital wheat gluten per cup of flour.

I can also substitute 25% white whole wheat flour (keeping the added gluten the same) without noticing the difference.

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25# bags of hi-gluten flour at Smart and Final for $14.99 when on sale.  I just add VWG to the store bought bread flour which works very well since i don't want 25# of any flour hanging around.  VWG comes in 65% and 75% gluten and you have to know the protein of your base flour in order to work out how much VWG to add to get 14%.

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Sam's Club and Costco have High G. flour, have you tried there?