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Sicilian lemon orange sweet bread

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Sicilian lemon orange sweet bread

When I was in the UK lfor a wedding around Easter time, I made this Paul Hollywood traditional Sicilian lemon orange sweet bread for my husband's family at Easter.  I didn't do the best job as I never made it before, but it tasted great and everyone liked it.  My husband requested it for his birthday yesterday, so I made it.  It turned out well.

When I made it earlier, it didn't rise very much and was more like cake.  This time, it got huge!  Live and learn.  I've attached a link to the recipe below:



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Your husband loves you deeply I am sure!  This bread looks great!  I would enjoy a slice.  I am so happy for you that this turned out so well for your husband's birthday. Mother pizza was also wonderful looking.

Warm Regards,


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Thanks, Casey.  The cake is so big, we are enjoying slices with a cup of tea every day!

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That looks yummy.

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Hi CAphyl

Thanks for adding the link to my blog. I saw that i'd had a heap of visitors and found your post. Your bread looks great, I love this recipe, and is probably one of the only ones where I've not had a disaster ;)



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Harley:  I am glad people visited your site.  Thanks for posting this recipe.  I first made the bread in England when my husband got the Paul Hollywood recipe booklets from the Sunday newspaper.  My husband is English and all his family live in England, so we visit frequently.  I love to bake when I am over there. Thanks again for your comment and the recipe!  Best,  Phyllis