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it's about time!

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Oat Brandi

it's about time!

I have been reading on this forum for a long time now and have *finally* registered! 

I've been known as the baker in my family forever but up until about 2 years ago was completely intimidated by anything yeast-leavened!  Boy am I glad to have gotten over that fear!  What began as an attempt at making my own pizza dough quickly developed into a passion that lead me to bake *something* with yeast almost everyday!  I could not learn fast enough and this forum was often a huge help!

My breads are far from artisan-like but are more simple, comfort-food type recipes consistent with my region of Amish Country Pennsylvania.  Most often I am baking our everyday sandwich bread, an oatmeal-wheat loaf recipe that I have adapted over time.  I have a binder stuffed with notes from almost every bread recipe I have made...learning so much each time.  I will probably post the recipe in the future looking for any suggestions on posssibly improving it more! 

I have also been fortunate to have found the pineapple juice method for creating a sourdough starter here!  I was successful with that last fall and have been been slowly learning about the techniques used to handle sourdough thanks to this forum!  I make sourdough english muffins almost weekly and occassionally make sourdough bread....though I am still far from comfortable and relaxed when making the bread!

I am told I am "spoiling" my husband and 2 children with homemade bread, rolls, biscuits, english muffins etc!  I love it and look forward to learning and sharing more now that I can finally contribute to the forums as opposed to just lurking !


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Your comments about your binder brought my own spiral-bound, coffee stained notebook to mind, which contains the same information you described! 

I love baking sourdough bread, and do so at least once weekly. Visit Susan's Wildyeastblog and try the Norwich Sourdough - it's our family favorite, and it's fairly forgiving if, say, you suddenly need to shove the bowl of dough that's proofing at room temp into the fridge for a while while you fly out the door for whatever reason!

Your oatmeal wheat loaf sounds delightful - would you be willing to share the recipe? 

I, too, began my starter with pineapple juice, and 'Stinky' (so named by my granddaughters, who love it!) has been happily leavening delicious, home-baked bread for our family for over 2 years now.

Like you, I am also informed that I am 'spoiling' my family, and like you, I love it!! I find a certain satisfaction in packing my teenager off to school each day with a home-baked bagel, and a sandwich on a fresh roll that I baked, or watching my granddaughters happily munching on their mini bagels on Sunday mornings. I love bringing a fragrant, fresh loaf of bread to surprise a friend or to a family or church function.

I've gotten into refrigerator fermentation too--pickles, both dill and 'bread and butter' - my son recently asked if we are Amish now, so your reference to the region where you live brought that comment to mind as well.

Best of luck with your baking, and enjoy the forum - there are so many talented, experienced bakers here who are gracious enough to share their passion and knowledge with us 'newbies' - it's really awesome!


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Oat Brandi

Thank you!  Funny how we begin to dabble with fermenting other things...after learning so much through nuturing my sourdough starter (which my daughter calls "my baby" because it really was like my baby for about a month!) I ordered kefir grains and began culturing my own kefir!  Who knows what's next.....I have several fermented curiousties!

I am anxious and a bit scared to share my sandwich loaf recipe....anxious for input but scared to find out it's not as awesome as my family and friends think  it is LOL!

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sourdough baking in the future.  Once you get used to it you will wonder what the big sour deal was !  No worries - it's easy a pie except pie is more difficult!

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Oat Brandi

Thank you!  I know I am in the right place to improve my sourdough skills!  My last loaf was *pretty* good-a definite improvement on the previous if I can just do it again! I kept notes but some things you just can't translate into just gotta go by feel and bread baking(esp sourdough) is definitely one of those things!