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Two Posts Swallowed

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Two Posts Swallowed

Twice I tried to post but the forum software choked and swallowed the posts when I tried to preview them -- something about a server error. The content was not retrievable. It's a shame, too, because I think readers might have found the information useful, but dang if I'm going to retype them all over again, so they simply won't be posted.

You need some better softare for this board.

Now let's see if this message will post (ingers crossed).

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the select all and then copy from your browser toolbar before hitting preview and or save for any post of any kind,  So when the finicky site blows up your post when you least expect it you can quickly retrieve it from your clipboard to re-post.  Make sure that you do not have the abc spell check button lit up when you hit preview or save either.   It is just some thing you do so you don't get mad even when you shouldnlt have to!

Happy baking and posting 

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This is a great site and I would love to know what you posted! Give it another shot and try dabrowman's ideas. As for me,  I tend to not use the preview and just leave it up for a few minutes while I think about how to edit.I hit save when I am happy but if I do an initial read and it needs another edit, then I edit it immediately. Lots of different ways to cope and all the information and support (and bread porn-esp from dabrowman)) are worth it to me.