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Just starting out....

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Just starting out....

Well, I have never 'blogged' before or really ever read anyone else's. Yet here i am.  I decided to try baking about three weeks.  I've managed to make three loaves.  I think they turned out ok... My family devoured them.  I elected to bake instead of buy due to health reasons and this way I know exactly how everything was made.  I've only ventured up to lesson two or three? I haven't tried the overnight one. To be honest I see a lot of posts about it not working out so I'm chicken to try! Well I guess that's it for now! Here are tonight's accomplishments! Yay! Go me!!


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Those are some nice looking loafs for just starting out.

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Those are lovely loaves of bread... just starting out and going great I would say... there is a wealth of knowledge amongst the bakers here. Enjoy.

Happy Baking


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you scored big!  Well done.  I retard all of my SD loaves at least overnight in the fridge. I don't bake with yeast much but i don't see a need to do a yeast bread overnight.  It ferments so fast it is easy to over proof  and extra flavor is difficult to come by anyway.

 Happy baking.