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Dark (black) crust

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Dark (black) crust

I recently returned from a trip to Germany where I had a number of different  examples of Bauernbrot or Farmers Bread.  One in particular was excellent and had a thick almost black crust with a medium dark and moist rye color crumb that had a very fine texture.  I am certian that the bread was a sourdough that used rye and whole wheat flour but beyond that I am pretty much stumped.  I was unable to obtain the formula for the bread that I had and quickly learned that there are as many bauerbbrot formulas out there as there are farmers.  The bread was completely absent of any burned taste, had a clean rye spicyness, had a notable sourdough flavor which also, very surprisingly, left a somewhat caramel sweet, almost creamy aftertaste.  I want to try and re-create the bread and in particular the crust.  Thus far my plan is to bake hot and then reduce temprature and think that I will use a little barley malt powder.  Any other suggestions, particularly in regard to that thick dark crust would be helpful.  

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. . . inspiration:

Karin initiated a whole grain bread baking challenge to TFLers here:

I baked my first bread of this kind and LOVED IT! There are many fine examples of German style seeded ryes in both links as well as my humble attempt . . .

I hope this helps! Brian

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