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pastry flour substitute

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pastry flour substitute

hey guys, i wanna make scones from rice flour or cornmeal flour and it needs low gluten and low protein flour, so what is the best mix that will give me alike pastry flour? (low protein) #2 question- how come some of those flours contain high protein, but they gluten free? isnt there a connection between protein level to gluten  ? tnx sooo much.. pearl.

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Cut ap flour with cake flour - Swan's Down available everywhere, or, if you don't like the fact that it is bleached - with starch.  Re: gluten - all gluten is protein, but not all protein is gluten.

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Kay Erland

I've made some wonderful scones from a recipe on the King Arthur website and their GF all purpose flour.  I don't have a picture, but I've used that recipe to also make the topping on fruit cobblers - truly yummy!

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Kitchen Barbarian

There is a relationship between total protein and gluten in WHEAT flours because gluten is constructed from some of the proteins - the most common proteins - in wheat.  These proteins are in the classes gliadin and glutenin.  Some starches are involved as well in the formation of gluten structures.

These particular protein classes are not present in gluten free flours because if they were, that flour wouldn't be gluten free.

However "gluten free" flours can still be high in protein AND be gluten free because there are tens of thousands of different proteins - gluten free flours contain proteins, just not the ones that are involved in gluten production.