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3kg Monster

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3kg Monster

when I first read "Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast" by Ken Forkish I was amazed to read of a Boule weighing three kilos.

the mighty loaf is mentioned on Page 162 in the Chapter 9 - Hybrid Leavening Doughs.
I began to dream of baking such a monster. I started with scaling up my usual recipe to produce a 2 kilo boule.
this proved very successful, but the 3 kilo version had some production problems for me.

I decided to step away from a levain and would go for a basic recipe using Flour, Water, Salt and Yeast.
I decide to use Marriages Strong White Bread Flour, Marriages Wholemeal Flour and Light Rye Flour.

I magnitude of the volume persuaded me to construct the dough as three pieces of dough.


I split the formula in three and mixed them in sequence. The danger of this is that the first ball of dough was more developed than the last. To combat this I took half of each ball of dough and kneaded them together to make two balls of dough.

three S&Fs at ten minute intervals were followed by 30 minutes to complete the bulk development.

I kneaded the two balls together after the bulk proving and produced one large ball of dough that I placed in a banneton until it doubled in size - this took about 30 minutes.
the oven was pre-heated to 230°C with the baking stone and steaming tray of pebbles.

after slashing the top of the loaf and with a tumbler of boiling water was on hand the monster loaf was slid into the oven on the baking stone.
I poured the boiling water onto the stones in the steamer tray and shut the oven.

after minutes I rotated the stone 180 degrees and baked it for a further 30 minutes.
after the total baking time of 60 minutes the internal temperature was 96°C


3kg 1



after cooling on a rack the loaf was weighed and slide in half to reveal the crumb and crust.
the loaf ended up 14 inches / 35 cm across and 6 inches / 15 cm tall.
the final weight of the loaf is 2.7kg - some loaf.
I cut the loaf into quarters for ease of storage and distribution.

3kg 4

the crust and crumb are superb.

this was well worth the effort.
it would be great to see others bake a 3kg monster loaf.

The Baking Bear


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Monster, indeed! Wow!

I'd try but my small countertop oven wouldn't be able to accommodate such a thing. Regardless, I, too, would love to see others try baking a 3kg loaf.


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I read about this loaf and I wondered where the recipe would be Just last night.  You did such a nice job creating this.  write to let us know if it truly gets better with age.

Warm Regards,


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i can say that the flavour does improve with age.

i am now planning to cook the "Saturday White Bread" recipe for my friends that are visiting on saturday.

this also comes from the Ken Forkish Book Flour, Water, Salt Yeast.  


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I love KW Poolish!  It tastes like butter an the crumb is so good.  One day I will try that 3 kg monster.  post picks of Saturdays bake.  I am baking a Pain De Campagne and White poolish.


Warm Regards,



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It really pulled itself up off the stone no problem at all.  You have no fear and figured out a great way to make it.  Well done all the way around.

Happy Baking !