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My starter isnt sour

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My starter isnt sour

I have a 12 month starter from rye and wholemeal originally, but for past 6 months wholley fed with rye.

I keep in in the fridge and feed it once a week. It has a lovely smell and has excellent results in my bread, BUT the flavour is not markedly sour??

Any advice please

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Are you feeding by volume measurements, or by weight? What are your ratios Starter:Flour:Water when you feed? Do you keep it out of the fridge and let it become active before and/or after feeding? If so, how long? Any other details about your process that you can tell us?

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Mini Oven

the starter, the built starter for the recipe (pre-ferment)  or the bread?   

The starter will get sour as fermenting by-products build and various acids increase in the starter.  Sourness increases when food decreases.  That your starter is productive, seems to have healthy yeast population, well fed yet not markedly sour sounds like a good balance to me.  The ash in the rye flour does buffer the sour up to a point.

Play with the pre-ferments to up the sour taste in bread.  


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My starter is the same.  The sour taste will only come from a long retarded fermentation in the refrigerator.  After bulking, I form loaves and then give them 12 to 24 hours in the fridge. I bake them off in a hot oven (500-550F). This has really enhanced the sour flavors in my breads. 

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Thank you for all your thoughts - i think i will try the proving in the fridge method