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Dough Rounder

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Dough Rounder

Greetings All, I recently purchased a BakeMax BMDBR01 Dough Rounder (also known as a GRANOMAQ BDM 300), and am having difficulty getting the machine to produce decent dough balls for hamburger buns. If anyone has one of these machines, I would appreciate some advice on it so that I can figure out where I am going wrong. I have tried varying moisture content of the dough, greasing the plate etc but no luck so far. Possibly I am expecting too perfect a dough ball??


Port Baker

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Faith in Virginia

I don't own one does not look like you have many options for adjustments such as speed of the machine or length of time to round the dough.

Looking at that machine I would suggest adjusting your dough ball weight.  That machine works off true volume of the dough and friction.  

I don't know what increments the head plates come in but the first thing I would try is to increase and decrease the dough input by small increments until you find a weight that the machine likes to ball.

To much or to little dough in the trough will have negative effect.

But just guessing here


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Hi Port Baker! I saw you made this post on 2013! We've just bought a new semi-automatic rounder/divider and apparently we are having the same problems as you! Our dough balls are not as good as we need!! We are trying different settings but so far nothing solid... Have you reach a good result so far? If yes would you share some info with us?

Best Regards

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I operate an Oliver 625 DR dough rounder in my bakery and I've had the same problem before. In order to make the (close to) perfect rolls you have to form your pre-cut dough into a perfectly rounded shape and make sure the dough is correctly centered and somewhat (but not too) flat. Before you flatten it on the plate make sure the bottom of the dough is smooth and flat with no holes. The flattened dough doesn't have to be stretched out to reach the center of the outer circles on the plate. Powder the top with flour to keep the upper part from sticking to the press. I round the dough for about 30 seconds and out comes near perfectly rounded roles.