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Oil free bread making

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Oil free bread making

I follow the Caldwell Esselstyn diet to keep my cholesterol and BP down. This diet is essentially a vegan one plus no oil, salt, or nuts. I would like to try to make my own bread without any oil (butter, margarine, etc.,). The commercial bread I buy contains: wheat, soybeans, water, sugar, yeast, sea salt, citric acid. The fat content is about 2.5% (1g per 41gm slice).

Any suggested recipes?

If so, any thoughts on whether a bread maker could do the job rather than an oven?

Thanks in advance.

BTW the diet works so it is worth it. 


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I am delighted the Caldwell Esselstyn diet works for you.

Have you tried looking in the recipes section of this website? All of them are suggestions from members  and a lot of them can be adapted for bread machines. I suggest (Assuming you are not an experienced breadmaker) that you start with simple recipes and move on to more complicated ones when you have mastered the simple ones.

You could, alternatively, follow the recipes on the bread flour packets available for purchase in most supermarkets - Just leave out the fat/oil - Or use a bread machine packet mix which has the ingredients listed on the packet so you can choose.

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flour, water, salt and yeast.  Tuscan's delete the salt which is what you want. No need for oil at all. 

Happy baking

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which contain only flour, water, yeast and salt (as dabrownman pointed out). You can reduce the salt, depending on how critical it is. You can use a bread machine, but using an oven will give you a crispy (as opposed to soft) crust. You can also use a bread machine's dough cycle, which will do everything except bake the bread. Then you can transfer to the oven to bake it. Have fun.

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I follow a vegan diet, and post many of my recipes on my blog - as well as all my bread recipes.

Here's a basic bread recipe:

I do use olive oil and salt, but, as DAB says, they're optional and not essential.

You don't need a machine - save your money!

Glad your diet is working for you!

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Thanks for those practical suggestions. Time to experiment.