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Varimixer W5A "Teddy" or Ankarsrum Assistent (Electrolux DLX)?

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Varimixer W5A "Teddy" or Ankarsrum Assistent (Electrolux DLX)?

Looking for a new general/bread mixer for my wife's birthday and was planning on the DLX/Assistent but then saw the Varimixer W5A "Teddy." If I'm spending that much just trying to "buy once, cry once." Just looking for suggestions between these two around $1000 as the Hobart N50 is out of my range. Thanks!

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Kitchen Barbarian

Well the killer for me is the Varimixer weighs FIFTY TWO POUNDS!  I got rid of my Hobart era KA because it weighed HALF of that.

The Ankarsrum is on sale until tomorrow for $100 off - that's a $700 mixer for $600, and it comes with 3 bowls.  At 19 lbs, it is nowhere NEAR as heavy as the Varimixer. (make sure you don't accidentally click on the European 230v version, it's also on sale for $599).

It will handle up to 15lbs of dough (about 7 lbs of flour) per batch, which is an incredible amount of bread.

You can also get a variety of attachments for it, ala the KA - grinders and what not. 

IMHO, it is THE premiere mixer for the home bread maker.  It is sturdy, reliable, durable, and very good at what it does - and the price shows it.

I have a Bosch Compact because (a) I just don't make that much bread and (b) it only weighs like 5 or 6 lbs.  If I were younger (and a lot stronger, LOL!), or if I baked a lot more bread, I would have either an Ankarsrum or a Bosch Universal.